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FEB 2ND, 2015
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At ClikClok, we value information and relationships, and sometimes the two come together as in this article from our friends at Valintry IT and Operations Consulting. — In today’s world, any and everything you want to find can be found on the Internet. Small businesses are taking advantage of that left and right and using…Read More

JAN 26TH, 2015
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  #ClikClok Timesheets run even during #snowmageddon2015 We spend a lot of time building our businesses, calling on clients, hiring staff, putting out fires, but what happens when a snow storm shuts down your office? For staffing companies in the North East this week that rely on traditional paper timesheets, this will be one heck…Read More

JAN 20TH, 2015
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We all know them; the type of interviewee that walks into your office, opens their mouth, and blows your mind – and not necessarily in a good way. Here are some different types that should be avoided at all costs. The Oversharer This candidate can’t wait to tell you all about their personal life. Their…Read More