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ClikClok Software Features

Built with your staffing company in mind, ClikClok incorporates features designed to help your
business grow.

  • Recruiters / Sales
  • Client / Managers
  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Temp Employees
Recruiters / Sales

Recruiters / Sales Team Features

  • View live timesheets
  • Live preview of Revenue and Margin
  • View actual performance against goals
Client / Managers

Client / Managers Features

  • Preview of pending timesheets
  • Approve or reject timesheets
  • Direct messaging with Staffing company

Accounting Features

  • Accounting reports
  • Import/Export compatible with multiple platforms including Quickbooks
  • One button invoicing
  • Access to all tracking details and timesheets across the system

Administration Features

  • Login popup messaging for temps/clients/internal staff
  • Edit/Approve/Reject Timesheets
  • Easy mass import of new starts from most major ATS
  • Easy export of data
  • Easy bulk update of client / temp information and assignments
  • Print and access all reports within the system
Temp Emplyoee

Temp Employees Features

  • Generate and update online timesheets
  • Submit online timesheets to managers for approval
  • Update personal and security login info